Food Diary Day 1 

Lemon lime soda – 140.                                    Apple – 80.                                                          Orange – 61.                                                        Black Coffee – 0 

Diet Caffeine free Pepsi – 0.                          Pretzels W/ hot sauce – 330 

Diet Caffeine free Pepsi – 0                            Fruit Popsicle ( x 3 ) – 240 

Total – 852 

Day one went fairly well. I stayed under 1000. Which is my goal to lose at least a few pounds by August 19 th, I’d love to reach my first goal weight by then. That’s when I get to visit my boyfriend. He moved to Lancaster to attend college, and we set up a thing so that I could come down and visit on one of my two weekends off a month. 

This will be my second visit. I wore a fitted dress and realized that I started gaining weight since he moved. So this time I want to look skinny again. 

I’m on my third break at work, drinking a can of diet Pepsi. After this I have two more hours then I get to go home and go straight to bed. I work night shift from 6 pm to 6 am. I only work three to four days a week spread out. I have off this weekend so Yay. 

15 more days, and five more pounds to go. 

Stay strong 

Love the vamp ana 


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