Mom’s Bf, and The Bank 

First off, today is starting horrible. I get stressed, and anxiety super easy. I needed my pay stub paper to fill out paper work bc the check my job sent me bounced. Well, I couldn’t find the pay stub, so they told me to call the bank bc they’ll have the info I needed. 

Well of all the days they randomly close, it had to be today. So now, I have to wait hope I can turn in the paper work Tomorrow, if I can’t then I have to wait until Monday night to turn it in. It can take three days to get the check. So I wouldn’t get it until maybe Thursday. Then my bank has hold the check for three days to make sure it processes, and since they are closed, that might not be until Monday or Tuesday, by then my next check will come in. So in all that will be three weeks I have to wait.

On top of all of this, my mom’s boyfriend decided he was going to get a shower when I needed to get ready for work, so I was late going out the door and didn’t have time to grab my sunglasses or something to wake me up.

Now I’m sitting here, about to fall asleep with a migraine before work even starts. 


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