Food Diary Day 2 

Protein shake – 140

Grilled cheese on whole wheat with fat free skim milk cheese- 350.                          Orange Crush – 160 

Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi – 0                           12 Ritz Crackers – 194 

Popsicle – 80 

Total – 915 

Good day I think. I wanted to crab another can of diet pepsi instead of the orange crush but there wasn’t anymore so I had to make due with the orange crush instead. I’m thinking once I get paid, I’m going to start looking for low cal recipes to try. I’ll post anything good I find. 


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  1. ananymous says:

    I’m starting a 3 day fast after a really bad binge yesterday. I stumbled upon your blog by accident but I hope you don’t mind me commenting. I know we can both reach our goals with a little reassurance

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