Visiting the BF again, New bakini

So this Friday I’m going down to visit my boyfriend in Lancaster. We’ve been together for a year before he moved there to attend college. So one a month on one of my three day Weekends off I go down to visit. 

Well since its summer and we usually go swimming, I finally got a new bikini. It’s bright green and has frills and I love it. But the only problem, unlike my blue one from last year which makes me look skinny, is that it makes my thighs look high bc of the style. 

My solution. Is doing the Master Cleanse two days before. I know I should of decided to do it sooner, but I work these next two days, and when I work I don’t see anyone, so I could hid the more suspicions things I got. Plus, I won’t have time to be distracted by other food, and I’ll be sleeping during the day to top it off, since I work third. 

So I bought lemons, bottled water, cayenne pepper, and pure maple sugar for the cleanse drink. Then I found a natural laxative tea to take before bed. Since I’m going to bed as soon as I finish writing this I already had a cup. I can already feel the tea working, and it makes me happy bc I know I have a lot of build up in my system after the two days at my friends. 

Here’s my plan. 

Day 1 – lax tea before bed, three bottles of master cleanse packed for work. 

Exercise = work which is 10.5 hours of physical labor and standing. 

Sleep – 7 hours. 8 am to 3 pm. 

Day 2 – lax tea before bed, pack three bottles of Master cleanse for work. 

Exercise – 10.5 hours of physical labor and standing

Sleep – sometime in the early evening, and on the car trip down, so I may not drink the lax tea depending on how it works previous. 


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  1. Liz says:

    Good luck! 🙂

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