I have gotten Way off Track

Before I realized it, I had gotten off track. I’m back up to 140.8 lbs. 

I’m going to make myself some struck rules. 

1. One to two liters of water per day 

2. No Meat, switching to veggie burgers 

3. Coffee with artificial sugar and low cal creamer. 

4. One hour at gym on days off of work. 

5. Paint nails. Clear coat at very least. 

6. Put effort into face wash. 

7. Plan out meals.

8. Brush teeth. 

I realized why it was so much harder this time around. I had cut coffee a while ago, and stopped drinking as much water. I’m even more a time now then I was then. I’m going to pick back up on drinking coffee regularly, and see if these slight changes will help aid all the work I do work to shed all this fat. 


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