Things Finally Blew Up

I’ve been having trouble with my mom’s boyfriend. Everything finally blew up over him wanting to take my  phone bc he saw how much I had used to pay my phone bill. I refused to. I’m eighteen, they had me paying 100$ a week which I paid with out complaint. Then yesterday when he left a not saying he was going to take my phone. My mom said herself he can’t do that. Then ten minutes later she said he was. I told her no. I’m putting my down. He’s not taking my phone. She said we’ll you know what he’s going to say, yeah he’s going to tell me if I don’t like then can I move. My mom was like how are you going to get to work, how are you going to do anything. I said I’ll figure it out myself. She said that’s your fucking choice. 

Well I had two weeks to move, and My boyfriend has been trying to get me to move in with his grandparents bc already knew about my mom’s over controlling boyfriend. So this is what he had been waiting for to happen to get to go. Bc to him I’d be safer there and knew his grandmother would take care of me until he got home from college. So I move in with her six days from now. She’s being an absolute sweetheart. They aren’t even charging me half as much for rent as my moms bf is. 

But that doesn’t mean he’s going to make it easy. No, he cut the electric to my room, and shut off our dryer while I was washing my clothes I won’t be wearing till after I move. So now I have to hang them outside to dry and it’s been raining. I only work three days till then so that’s a good thing rn. Well more on how everything goes later. 


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