Food Diary

Total cal 982 Allowed 500 I went over my limit today. I don’t have time to list what I ate. good news though I lost an inch off my hips. Advertisements

Almost Caught.

so my bf picked up my and say that I had the ingocnitio tab open so he decided to look through my history. then he asked me what pro ana was. all he could see was that i was looking at before and after pictures of pro ana. will admit that i did freak freak…

Food diary day 2

2 cans of monster 400 Small sub 418 Total calories 818 Allowed 900

Day 2 week one

So it’s 12:08 pm. I haven’t eaten anything yet today, but my bf insists on me going with me him to sheetz. today’s calories allowance is 900. so I think I’m doing pretty good so far. updates later.I think I’m going try and get away with only drinking a monster. Also I would like to…

Food dairy day 1

Coffee  30 Pepsi and little honey bun 440 ( I had to look normal) Diet coke and sun chips 210 Six inch Italian sub 413 Total 1093 Allowed 1100 I had to eat dinner with my bf, otherwise I never would of eaten the sub. but day one was a succeess.  

D1 W1

So far so good. all I had was a cup of coffee and 16 oz of Pepsi. not diet unfortunately. I had to look like I wasn’t doing what I am now. updates later on total calories. I work 7 and a half hours tonight. hopefully it will by fast again. I’m buying some gum…

Week one Day one.

Exercise Week 1 Curcuit 1 15 jumping jacks 15 crunches 15 bicep curls 15 squats 30 second plank Curcuit 2 20 hops back and forth 10 Russian Twist 10 slow push ups 10 plie squats 20 second plank Curcuit 3 15 jumping jacks 15 slow leg raises 15 triceps dips 15 squats 30 second plank…

New 4 week diet plan

I found these two Thinspo pictures of four week plans  one is for exercise and one is for calories. the third picture is of rules thinspo that I found. it starts on Sunday for me instead of Monday though. anyone else want to try it with me?

Food diary

Cinnamon roll Coffee with milk and sugar Cup of grapes Cup of chicken noodle soup Total calories : 510


My friend stayed the night. I honestly felt like I may have been ignored a little. She came over to scarification, which is basically a scar tattoo for him. Both me and her have had issues with self harm, and it was hard for me to watch it be done, bc I’ve been struggling with…

Long Time No Update

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything.y bc came home from college to stay. And both of us have been looking for better jobs and such. I had to lay low and stuff my face like a pig unfortunately. But I’ve found time to plan and such. So I’m back on…