Almost Caught.

so my bf picked up my and say that I had the ingocnitio tab open so he decided to look through my history. then he asked me what pro ana was. all he could see was that i was looking at before and after pictures of pro ana.

will admit that i did freak freak out. he thought i was just lookibg at it out of curiousity. So i had time to after made a midnight trip down to sheetz to clean my phone of any evidance, and the ipad.

i know i should of been more careful. now that i know he will pick up my phone to check, Im more prepared.

it did surprise me though, bc he doesnt know yet the extent of it means having this eatinging disorder. He told me that he isnt mad. just wants to if i am trying to lose weight so he make sure im doing it healthily. bc he does know about my ed, and self mutilation passed.



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